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As we’ve already mentioned, two teams of young Croatian designers have won the Red Dot Awards for their projects. Package design and visual identity design of olive oil, which you’ve already had the chance to read about, are the work of Marita Bonačić, Negra Nigoević and Katarina Perić. Today, we would like to present to you another project that has won the aforementioned award. It is the work of Ruđer Novak-Mikulić, Marinko Murgić and Ivan Orin Vrkaš.

Ruđer, Marinko and Ivan are the third year undergraduate students at the Faculty of Architecture, School of Design in Zagreb. In their spare time they have come up with a project called ‘Canvas Community’ which was created for the competition organized by D&Ad Organization in London and nominated for the Student Pencil Award in the Open Graphic category. Soon after, the same project was awarded Student Gold 2011, an award given by Art Directors Club Croatia; and now, the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2011.

Canvas Community was created as a response to the brief by ArjoWiggins Creative Papers Company in the Open Graphic category at this year’s Student Pencils Competition organized by D&Ad.

The task was to come up with a viral campaign that would connect creative minds from all over the world in the process of promoting paper manufactured by ArjoWiggins Company. In their response to the task, the young designers have come up with an imaginary website made of a big empty canvas divided into modules, by a web that resembles a wrinkled piece of paper, in the spirit of sustainable development. The “creatives” all over the world would receive an invitation from ArjoWiggins which would allow them to create their profile on the page containing information about them, or their studies, and then, they would choose a piece of the canvas to leave their mark on. The authors would then upload their work to the chosen part of the canvas. The website would also serve as a place for the authors to connect with one another, to comment on each other’s works and so on; and the visitors of the website would have the unique opportunity to see the works of numerous known “creatives” in one place.

With no more empty space on the canvas, the online campaign would “transform” into the print campaign. The works uploaded to the canvas would be printed out on ArjoWiggins papers and made into promotional material: Arjowiggins paper catalogs, posters, T-Shirts, stickers, and so on.

Scroll down to take a look at the promotional video

The young designers have told us they would like to try and create Canvas Community for real in the foreseeable future;  but for this project to become a reality, as well as for their trip to Berlin to claim their Red Dot; they still need to find sponsors.

We hope that these designers and the young “creatives” we have been mentioning, will the find media coverage offered by the blog beneficial in terms of the realization of their projects and the progress of the domestic design as a whole.