Decorate Your Christmas Tree with QR Codes, Pompons or Borigami

If we were to play a game and you were asked to find a common denominator of ‘competition’, ‘Christmas’ and ‘design’, we are certain your answer would be the HDD (Croatian Designers Society) “Xmas Tree with Us“ pre-Christmas competition. This is the third consecutive edition of this fun and witty competition for completely different Christmas ornaments, with creative solutions proposed by domestic designers and designer teams and with a good turnout of participants.

This year, the competition has started a little earlier than the first and the second year, probably so there is enough time to manufacture all the awarded works as well as those that received special mention, for the Christmas Tree Superstore. Scroll down to see what it is you will be able to buy at HDD to make your Christmas unique and different, at least in the visual sense.

Exactly 50 works have entered this year’s competition, that has just ended, and the panel of judges has awarded four equal prizes and two commendations. The main reason for such a decision is the Panel’s opinion that each of the four works has come up with a fresh, intelligent, and interesting solution for one of the aspects of the theme that were indicated in the text of the competition. And, seeing as that it is precisely the use of different approaches to the theme that has resulted in different new solutions, it has been decided to give all four works equally high marks.

Alongside these, other works from the competition, 14 to be exact, will be presented at the selling exhibition as well.

The four prizes in the equal amount of HRK 4.000 have been awarded to:

Borigami – by Bojana Bota

Borigami unites the ancient Japanese skill of folding paper and the traditional holiday symbolism of the West in a simple item of use – the writing pad. The instructions for making little origami Christmas trees to be used as decoration, last-minute Christmas tree ornaments, or as a boredom cure after the Christmas lunch; can be found on the sheets of this writing pad. Of course, the pad will also come in handy for writing down a codfish recipe, pre-holiday ‘to-do’ list, and for giving out phone numbers at office parties.

Merry Everyday – by Ana Rimac

Description: this project is inspired by classic Christmas presents (angel statuettes, snowballs, marry Christmas sweaters and New Year’s underwear) whose sole purpose is to be a right holiday present by sending a certain message for New Year or Christmas. Once that purpose has been completed they end up at the bottom of a closet together with all other Christmas ornaments waiting for the next merry Christmas; because they are, generally speaking, unlikely to be used for the rest of the year. My solution of the Christmas present offers a system of products (a sweater, a scarf, a bag) which packed and ordered according to a certain pattern form a particular Christmas symbol (a star, a Christmas a tree, a snowflake). By opening and unpacking a particular present one actually gets a completely new graphic – fit for everyday use. This alternative solution of the Christmas present sends the appropriate holiday message, but it also points out the possibility of use all year round.

QR* Christmas Balls – by Matea Topić

The two-dimensional Christmas balls with the QR codes as decoration can contain Christmas carols, presents, notes, cards, recipes for sweets (cakes, cookies…), photographs, and everything else that makes as happy at Christmas. The Christmas balls represent an alternative to the kitsch of consumerism in the form of amalgamation of the traditional Christmas ornament and the communication of the new era. A Christmas tree filed with QR balls encourages interaction and it also includes the crucial part of Christmas presents – the surprise factor!

X-mas Pompom – by Nina Bačun and Roberta Bratović

A pompon or a pom-pon is a decorative ball of wool that is most often found at each end of a scarf, or on the top of a hat, and the making of which is fun and simple, but has been forgotten over the years. XMAS POMPOM is a ‘Do -It-Yourself’ kit with all the necessary items and instructions, intended as a Christmas present. The wool comes in different colors, which means that by buying more than one kit colors can be combined. The color of the wool can be seen through the circular opening on the packaging.

The comments about the works made by the panel of judges can be found at HDD website.

The two commendations have been given to following works: Borda (by: Laboratorium – Alenka Lalić, Saša Stubičar, Orsat Franković, Ivana Vučić) and Moj izBOR by Petra Križan.

Fourteen other authors and teams of authors will be presenting their works at the exhibition.