Dražić, Dević and Živčić – The Most Promising Visual Artists of the New Generation

If young Croatian designers were featured in the media more often, newspapers’ and websites’ covers would be full of awesome news for a change. Yet again, we’ve received some amazing information in regard to international successes of our very own Croatian designer forces, and from the renowned Print magazine at that. Namely, the editorial board of this prestigious magazine annually declares their list of twenty most potent young visual artists, shortlisted on the „New Visual Artists“ roster. The exceptional honor to grace this year’s list of twenty winners for 2011 befell three Croatian artists, Split designer Rafaela Dražić along with the young up-and-coming designer duo Hrvoje Živčić & Dario Dević.

The editorial board emphasize that this year’s selection counts style-wise and geographically varied individuals, whose work features an impressive mixture of influences, disciplines and skills that present the future of world designing in the best possible way.

You can view more on the work of these designers on their official websites, while you’ll shortly be able to read their impressions in view of this recognition as well as their thoughts about designing on our site in the interviews with the young artists that are currently in the works.

*Rafaela Dražić – A book for two

*Rafaela Dražić – A book for two

*Rafaela Dražić – Think space poster

* Rafaela Dražić – Where everything is yet to happen

*Dario/Hrvoje – Nine looks poster

*Dario – Book cover illustration

*Dario/Hrvoje – &TD programme flyers

*Hrvoje –  “At large” magazine