Introducing the New Rijeka Bench –PLUPA

At the competition for designing elements of urban equipment entitled “The Rijeka Bench,“ published on July 27th 2011, a hundred and twenty five (125) works rolled in.

The competition was organized by and Rijeka’s Wave, association of citizens in the making (Association for the promotion of the culture of living). The panel of judges included Saša Randić – representative of the co-organizer, Sven Jonke (Numen/ForUse) and Vladimir Mozetić – representative of the co-organizer (Rijeka’s Val Association). After reviewing all the entries in the three elimination rounds, the three judges unanimously decided that the first place should go to the entry under the code „86A

The panel elaborated on their decision by saying the winning entry represents a witty and deliberate concept based on the use of readymade, i.e. ship fenders. It is about easy-to-get, long-lasting, and financially acceptable items. Working crates minimal intervention in space which can be applied to various places and, by using diverse colors and flip-flop effect, dynamic and interaction are created.

First place, 18,000 kunas net worth, is awarded to the entry under the code „86A

“Plupa” (Buoy – ‘plutača’ + Bench – ‘klupa’)

Authors: Jelena Azinović (Master of Arts in Sculpture) and Jaša Zelmanović (M.Des – Master of Arts in Design), Zagreb

The explanation of the authors is as follows:

“We attempted to make an intervention inside the old harbor area with this interactive bench by accentuating its transformation into an urban area. The interaction is accomplished by a different disposition of the bench’s elements. By using ship fenders we attempted to transform its everyday use and “maritime” function into a more urban context. The fenders are fastened with iron U shapes to the base, thus enabling changes in position inside the area and making the object adaptable to individual users. Colors which appear in separate, individual elements serve to give a new and refreshed touch to the old industrial area, at the same time connecting it to symbolism of carnival, one of the city’s trademarks.”

The PDF of the winning entry can be found here.

The remaining five finalists will be announced on Monday and the readers of the blog will get to choose the runner-up.