Watch Your Step as You Will Be Judged!

If you survived the recently advertised D-Day and think you’re safe, think again – you’re not!

Ready or not, Judgement Day is coming!

However, this apocalyptic-sounding day isn’t coming to punish, but reward you. Judgment Day is set to take off on October 1st and is already considered the most important event of 2010 in the field of advertising and its related activities. This is the first festival of its kind, namely, a Creative Communications Festival that aims to promote and award authors in the fields of advertising, design, photography and film. The festival underlines its invaluable originality with a series of unique features. Among these special features are non-existent registration fees, presenting an award directly to the author, in lieu of big agencies or production houses, a large unbiased jury which will select the best authors, rounded up by a simple and eco-friendly on-line application form.

Registration fees for work entries at similar festivals are frequently too high, especially if the author applies more than one project. Thus the festival initiators reason that this way of applying is exceptionally important due to the fact that it will result with numerous candidates using the option of applying a multitude of works. Aside from saving on registration fees the authors will save on registering work entries, as everything is carried out via the festival’s web pages, without any redundant printing, sending, etc. Moreover, presenting the award directly to the author is highly anticipated, as author’s names are often hidden behind big agencies, so this is a way the organizers can make sure that giving prominence to specific meritorious individuals will serve as additional motivation to authors, while bringing a sense of honor and pride to the agencies and production houses that employ them. Another innovative festival feature is the jury, which isn’t comprised of the usual suspects (a handful of privileged members who always end up being branded with attributes such as elitist, biased and non-transparent). This festival decided that the jury will consist of over 150 members (and counting!) who’ll be deciding on the awards. The jury will include creative directors, designers, copywriters, directors, photographers and other creative personalities from the creative communications profession.

On October 1st 2010 the best works of the past year will be awarded in 24 categories. Among others, there are categories for best TV ad, web page, billboard, directing and acting in a TV ad, photography in advertising, slogan, logo, product packaging, etc. You can view the list of all categories here.

The organizers of Judgement Day pay special attention to future professional creative personalities, i.e. today’s students, who get an opportunity at establishing a name for themselves through their creative work in a special category entitled The Young and Aspiring, at the same time having a chance at winning valuable awards. The only prerequisite to applying in this category is that the work be submitted by a full-time student of a Croatian university, and every student may submit a maximum of 3 works.

The initiators of Judgement Day are neither renowned international or Croatian big-wigs nor are they complete nonentities. They’re the founders of the Kulturna ofenziva (The Cultural Offensive Association), Branimir Lazanja and Marko Pitarević, two creative personalities who obtained their long-standing experience in market communications within large systems such as Bruketa & Žinić, Grey and Digitel, and currently work independently. They also enlisted the tempered PR personality Alen Pahorić in the organizational part of the festival. You can contact the organizers at also joined in the promotion of Judgement Day as a media sponsor, so we’ll be notifying you with all news, updates and details regarding Judgement Day. Please click here to view the festival’s official web page.