Cocooned Structures

The International Design Festival Berlin has been selecting the most interesting works in the modern product design field for eight years running. The Festival takes place from June 9 to 13. The selection of works and designers vary from formalistic and playful versatile designs, objects with a prominent identity, poetically redesigned spaces, to narrative sculptures in which uneasiness prevails.

Croatian designers Numen/For Use are among the ten nominees with their installation created from packing tape/Sellotape. In March 2010 at the Vienna Design Week they demonstrated that self-adhesive tape can be used for more than just taping things together. Each year the impressive installation that looks like a frighteningly huge spider’s nest changes and takes shape in relation to the space where the exhibition is set up.

The “Tape Installation“ was first set up in the Croatian Designers Society gallery, followed by the abandoned loft in Vienna and, finally, in the Odeon at the Vienna Design Week and the Mikser in Belgrade. It took over 270 rolls of tape and 180 Euros, while the performance process itself lasted approximately 5 days. The very manifestation of the bulk was inspired by dance choreography. The dancers-choreographers were attached to the tape and by moving between the poles they stretched the tape, gradually adjusting the form. By changing directions they make the construction more complex, eventually giving it an amorphous shape. The subsequent structure is also a trace of the choreography.

The designers were guided by the idea that the material itself – the self-adhesive tape is made of carbon compounds, reacts exceptionally organically and forms the optimal surface tension in a state of inactivity (nighttime). Such results induced them to transfer the installation from the protected area within the gallery to the bleak spaces of deserted factory halls, warehouses or tree-lined paths.

The piece has an exceptionally processual nature, and the availability of materials and space proves that an intelligent and creative approach to art doesn’t need expensive production. The moment the audience enters the building, the sculpture turns into architecture.

Such a theatrical approach is not unusual for Numen whose successful stage designs marked plays like Caligula or Peer Gynt, while at the same time achieving equal success in furniture design. One more tape installation will be presented in September in Frankfurt, while their return to Croatia will be noted with an installation in a five-star hotel!

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