Designers Drawing Music

EDIT simply is, as stated by its designer, art director and creative technologist, who creates and realizes the majority of its creative concepts. He collaborates with numerous galleries, media outlets, and other designers. One of his latest collaborations counts thirteen co-operations with selected designers or design studios, entitled Edits by Edit. The project initiator requested designers to offer their graphic vision of a musical genre. The restricting circumstance was the fact that the authors were advised they use just one typography and as few elements and colors as possible. The result of the project is a series of minimalist yet highly suggestive posters illustrating a certain music movement. See below what sketched heavy metal, twist, acid house or Detroit techno looks like, and click here to have a look at the whole poster series as well as Edit’s other projects.

*Detroit techno                                                                        *Classical

*Industrial                                                                                   *Disco

*Acid house                                                                                *Twist

*Metal                                                                                            *New Wave