The Coolest Suitcase in the World

If you can’t live without original design, gadgets or fashion, or without any of the above, we believe this absolutely modern piece of luggage is your next must-have. This unusually beautiful suitcase comes from – you guessed it! – Japan, and it was designed by Naoki Kawamoto. The powerful black suitcase is called Orishiki. It is a play on words, a coinage created from the Japanese words origami and furoshiki because the suitcase can be constructed and reconstructed. Origami, the art of paper folding, is a well-known Japanese export, and Furoshiki is the skill of cloth wrapping. As its name indicates, the black suitcase, made from solid material and lined with silk, is extremely flexible: it can be constructed into a tridimensional, fully-functional suitcase from a single flat piece. Thus this original product transforms from a plain flat piece into probably the most beautiful suitcase in the world.
Sounds complicated?
Perhaps, but it sure looks stunning.