Oversized Models

For many designers, conceiving and producing ideas involves the process of creating, which is made up of a series of researches and trying out various concepts for the product, the matter and contextualizing that imagined product in relations and measurements. In the case of creating furniture, as well as architecture, the inseparable element of work is the formulation of a scale model, which should act as a reduced version of the future product. Paper scale models, constructed from customary white paper, are in most cases minimized scale models through which designers challenge the form of the future product.

Inspired by the basic minimalist look of precisely those paper models, the trio of individual designers from Stockholm, Daniel Enoksson, Lucas E Hinnerud and Jens Boldt, conceived and created a line of products named The Cut Series. Simple white elements, which look like enlarged paper models, are created from exceptionally thin aluminium, with a matte lacquer finish, which additionally increases the impression of a seeming paperesque quality of these weightless designer cabinets. The Cut Series consist of a bookcase, a low double-door cupboard as well as various tables, which was presented at the Milan Design Week.