Parabureau among Top Ten Sites

HOW Magazine, the renowned American design magazine, singled out Parabureau’s website as one of the top ten websites in the field of design. The selection process itself is based on somewhat specific criteria, namely, HOW’s expert associates select websites based on several factors, the major one being that the chosen sites aren’t picked out as top design products rather by their potentially inspiring impact on other designers. This design studio, headed by Marko Baus and Igor Stanišljević, is internationally acclaimed for the project “OPV – Personal Water Cleaner”, which received numerous international awards, including the Index Award.

As we featured here, designing the entire visual identity of the City of Pula can also be listed among their many accomplishments.

*Pula is more

*OPV- Personal Water Cleaner

The remaining nine selected internet sites can be viewed here, and more on the designers themselves at