Plexiglass and Steel Around the Neck

More and more intriguing home-made jewellery can be found in Croatia as of late. As the top-notch jewellery line from that selection our choice is the ‘Plexi Series No1’ collection, created by the Croatian designer Iva Stojković. It is a limited edition line of rings, brooches and necklaces made out of plexiglass and stainless steel, through which this Pula-based designer with a long experience in jewellery workmanship, albeit with other materials, presented herself.

Iva Stojković’s plan was, in her own words, to present a springtime collection, hence her decision to use pastel colors, in combination with a few transparent, black and white pieces thrown in here and there. As far as shape is concerned, the basic idea of the collection was formed through her works made of paper created during the year she took the course “Textile Design” at the Faculty of Textile Technology, so this jewellery is a kind of ‘translation’ into a different media outlet. This type of jewellery is thus classified, both in view of material and artistic expression, as high-tech jewellery, which reached its climax during the 80’s in the 20th century, and is currently experiencing a revival. Moreover, Iva Stojković was educated at the Faculty of Textile Technology under the tutorage of Professor Nenad Roban, the renowned art jewellery designer.

The designer explains how the collection was conceived as a mini-series, hence items are not unique as is customary with art jewellery, and due to that, the collection inches closer to the fashion world and commercialization, but still not to such an extent that it could be called a production per se, as some production aspects (e.g. certain jewellery parts) could not be met in Croatia, while importing is exceptionally unprofitable, no matter how favorable the abroad suppliers’ prices are.

For now, the jewellery can only be found at the indie shop “Prostor” in Zagreb, but it will soon be in stock at the Sheriff & Cherry store in Rovinj as well as at the MAPA Galleries in Poreč.

More information available at Iva Stojković’s website