One Hickey Under the Left Ear, Coming Right Up!

Disguising physical traces of an illicit affair for the majority of people mean frenzied attempts of hiding and camouflage – who hasn’t tried to camouflage a hickey with a friend’s foundation or covered a not-so-innocent scratch with a band-aid?

The ever-faithful advisor Google has a million and one trick up its sleeve for situations such as these, while the designer Björn Franke offers a whole kit of solutions for the other side of the problem – how to “fake” adultery?

If you suffer from a weak character, if you’re too embarrassed to flat-out leave your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or lover, if you’re waiting for the problem to solve itself instead of taking the bull by its horns, or even if you just have an excess of exhibitionism – read on, this is your dream kit.

Perfume and test-tube hairs, a hickey tool, a bruise generator, a kiss and hickey applicator, a “scratcher” alongside several other heroes form the dream team of the craziest “toolbox” we ever did come across. It also comes with an appropriate name “Traces of an Imaginary Affair.”

It’s hard to use words to describe the use and intention of every tool – but it’s safe to say you won’t be needing an instruction manual for any given tool, just imagination galore, a relatively high pain threshold and a target audience to whom which the hickey on your inner thigh is intended for.

The designer and author behind these thingies, Björn Franke, says he got the idea while thinking about relationships and intentionally instigated jealousy which mainly serves to boost one’s own ego or test the strength of a relationship. It was also inspired by stories of people who used fake evidence of “victimization” to receive attention from others.

This captivating world we live in isn’t for the faint of heart as our thought processes sure do move in mysterious ways, don’t they?

Photographs: in collaboration with Jonas Unger