The Chainsaw Case

Wim  Delvoye is a Belgian neo-conceptual artist. One of the main characteristics of his work is linking and combining seemingly disparate elements and thus often creating both attractive and absolutely repulsive pieces. His work holds within it inherent contradictions leaving the viewer uncertain at what to do, whether to stare at it, be seduced by it, or look away. Some critics define Wim Delvoye as an artist who reorients the human perception of beauty. The eclecticism of his work is represented through diverse spheres of interest in expressing his artistic creativity, ranging from perusing human bodily functions through surreal installations to inspiration with the Catholic Church as well as numerous themes in between. You can find out more about this interesting artist here and have a look at one of his works called “Etui pour…”. In this series of artworks Delvoye deals with the reinterpretation of black cases which are usually associated with string instruments. The artist shapes the cases, usually “cut out” to follow the outline of a violin, double bass or similar musical instrument, to take form of other objects. Thus the lucid Belgian wrapped up a chainsaw, vacuum cleaner or flower-watering can in a gleaming black case.