Where Would You Like to Wake up Tomorrow?

Fifty People One Question is an on-going social experiment, i.e. a series of films which question how people relate to each other, their mutual ties as well as their connection with certain places. Four videos have been filmed up to now, the first being in New Orleans, and the remaining three in New York, Brooklyn and London. On the streets of the Big Apple and in Louisiana’s capital, whose life and its residents souls have been permanently altered by the Hurricane Katrina, the authors asked fifty random passers-by “What would you like to happen (to you) by the end of the day?” The honesty, simplicity, and sheer philanthropic nature with which several of the random passers-by answered are quite poignant.

In London and the streets of Brooklyn the authors brought random actors before a fait accompli, asking them “Where Would You Like to Wake up Tomorrow?” The four films, in conveying some two hundred various responses to seemingly simple questions reveal the Zeitgeist of contemporary society, affected by everyday adversity and reality at the height of the economic crisis.

As emphasized by the authors, Benjamin Reece and Nathan Heleine, the project envisioned as a simple experiment yielded fantastic results and got unexpected feedback worldwide, exceeding all of their expectations. The excellent directing and shooting of these short portraitesque films, with their oddly touching background music marked by somewhat melancholic overtones, yields (un)expected answers to questions that, while seeming simple, reveal a lot about the human experience in portraying everyday life, priorities and happiness.

Scroll down to take a look at the honest and varied answers and witty reactions of a diverse group of individuals who participated in the project in the US and London.

Ponder on the questions in view of what your answer would be; where would you like to wake up tomorrow and what would you like to happen (to you) by the end of the day?