Working Out with Mother Nature

Before or After Yourself“ is an all-around awesome video and visual product. It’s actually a student thesis, but could well be defined as Robert Gill’s life project. Namely, Gill, a young American photographer, completely transformed himself physically for his Savannah College of Art and Design thesis, while documenting the whole process on video, which you can check out below. He didn’t use the usual contemporary ways of working out for the purpose of chiseling one’s body. Gill’s weight loss, his “ripped” body and incredible transformation came about only with the “help” of nature and everything it has to offer. His project was a criticism aimed at the fitness generation who pays memberships and spends endless hours in closed spaces such as gyms, gaining only artificial muscles and often ending up with an unnatural-looking body. In his video, Gill displays all the physical activities a person can do in nature to fine-tune their body to optimum proportions and fitness levels. You can take a look at all the things the young photographer did to get his “after” look in the visually refined and photography-wise amazing video.

In related Robert Gill news, the young photographer “ran away” from New York and run-of-the-mill photography jobs in search of, in his own words, a more important life goal and to become a socially engaged artist. If you don’t think that this project per se doesn’t set him aside from the pack, then click here to take a look at Robert Gill’s other photography projects.