A Personal Annual Report

Nicholas Feltron is a New York designer somewhat obsessed with data, statistics, summations and tables. Information which usually serves as basic material for production of designer illustrated data in this case presents events from the designer’s own daily life. Namely, while designers attempt to brainstorm creative, original and refined annual business reports for various companies and brands worldwide, this American has been producing self-tracking reports for years now. He keeps track of his daily routines, travels, leisure time, thus numerically and visually elaborating his whole life. Personal Annual Reports is a project launched in 2005 when Feltron started with summing up the past year with a designer-shaped report sprinkled with myriad statistics. In his reports from years past you’ll find information on where and when Feltron has traveled, where he’s eaten in New York, how many museums he’s visited, how many postcards he’s received, along with other bizarre facts and figures.

Take a look below at a few excerpts from his annual chronicles, while the entire 2005 – 2010 reports are available here.