Bruketa & Žinić Rustling through Trash?

The Bruketa&Žinić OM Agency sneaked a peek in an abandoned junk mail folder and created a limited edition designers picture book for the IGEPA group entitled Spam Jam, illustrating a world we all secretly crave for. The book has 52 pages of original illustrations. It is printed on Igepa paper and thematically divided into three parts: Spam Data, Spam Messages and Spam Future. The Spam Data part deals with a variety of more or less familiar information about what spam is, what does it promote and various spam statistics. Spam Messages display various representative spam messages, and Spam Future rounds up the story with a futuristic vision of spam.

Davor Bruketa, the creative director of Bruketa&Žinić OM advertising agency said: “You could have a big dick, a girl from Kentucky who loves you and 10 million U.S. dollars from a friendly banker from Nigeria, only if your computer would not throw offers of a lifetime into junk mail. What do we really want in life? What kind of world do we really want? In an existential exercise, unfettered by the moral framework of our local communities, millions of spammers daily send out offers to strangers across the planet, offers which they believe will trigger our underlying motivations. Does one find an authentic representation of the human species in a junk folder? What are we really like, stripped bare of all moral categories?”

The project was designed by Nebojša Cvetković from the Bruketa&Žinić OM Agency, and it didn’t take long for their work to be recognized by the world’s leading architecture and design website, which reviewed the project and decided to give a few copies of the book as a prize in their contest. For more information, please click here.