Croatian Designers on an Award Winning Roll

When we stumble upon positive and encouraging news that bode well for the future of young Croatian creatives, in the midst of media ‘overloads’ of pessimistic, senseless news or false sensationalism coverage, we immediately make a beeline for their websites, emails and Facebook profiles. Where in turn one can regularly find updates bursting with good news about successes and achievements that established professionals, young up-and-coming designers or (still) design students have accomplished, which regularly keeps track of.

The freshest news on the relevant success of Croatian designer talent comes from New York, more precisely from the renowned Art Directors Club. The designer duo Šesnić & Turković, who for their project, the exhibition “At Cuculić’s” (which we covered here) already have a string of professional acclaims including the Red Dot, also won the ADC Bronze Cube Award in the Environmental Design category for the same exhibition. Šesnić & Turković are the only award-winning Croats this year, while most of the gold, silver or bronze cubes, predictably, went to the Americans. The Art Directors Club Cube is one of the most acclaimed and prestigious professional awards, which has been active for ninety years running. Click here for more details on the other winners in various categories as well as further details on the award itself and its history.

* At Cuculić’s

Bruketa & Žinić OM have had a constant stream of successes in the world of design, advertising and marketing. They’ve recently been acclaimed on three different continents for three respective projects. The creative minds from the “Zagreb Design Corporation”, which just recently spread its scope of activities to the Azerbaijan capital Baku, celebrated in China, Lithuania and in the USA.

B&Ž were awarded second place in Vilnius for their project “Above Expectations” (the annual report of the Adris Group) within the European Design Awards competition. This award is based on collaboration between 14 prestigious professional magazines whose judge panel is comprised of the magazine’s representatives. The team responsible for the “silver” project is as follows: Davor Bruketa and Nikola Žinić (as creative directors, art directors and copywriters), designer Filip Bojović, copywriter Ivan Čadež along with associates Radovan Radičević, Vesna Đurašin, Ivanka Mabić and Ivana Drvar.

Another annual Bruketa & Žinić report, the awarded Podravka project “Look Before You Leap“ – a cookbook that has to be baked before usage, won the gold at the International Design Awards in the US. This is an international competition that’s awarded in five categories – architecture, interior design, product design, fashion and graphic design. The following individuals participated in the Look Before You Leap Project: Davor Bruketa and Nikola Žinić (as creative directors and art directors), Imelda Ramović and Mirel Hadžijusufović (art directors and designers), Nikola Đurek (typography) and Mirna Kapetanović, Vesna Đurašin, illustrator Tomislav Tomić, photographers Marin Topić and Domagoj Kunić, IBL (production) and Drenislav Žekić from Podravka as head of the Project.

Bruketa & Žinić’s logo for the Croatian SOS Children’s Village Friend Club was awarded the Merit Award at the Hiiibrand – The International Logo Design Award competition (China), where it competed against some 50 top world logos. Art directors Imelda Ramović and Mirel Hadžijusufović worked on this logo, as did Marija Jakeljić, the account executive.

Hiiibrand is a competition in logo designing within the organization of the Chinese magazine New Graphic where over 4 thousand logos were submitted from over 60 countries, while one gold award was given out, three silver and ten bronze ones, while some 30 further logos were awarded with certificates of merit or the aforementioned Merit Award.

At this very same competition, in addition to Bruketa & Žinić, graphic designers from the creative team Babuskha were also among the Merit Award winners: Tina Bauer, Marija Juza and Goga Pavlek from Zagreb. They won the award for their conceptual outline of the visual identity for the Wine Packaging Design award. Click here for more on the Babushkas.