How Life Feels to Butterfly Kids

It’s rare to come across such powerful imagery associated with a cause and even rarer that an ad campaign should touch us so profoundly such as the butterfly kids’ campaign has. Butterfly kids suffer from a disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (short: EB). Even with the slightest friction this disease can cause painful blisters on the entire body: both externally – skin and eyes, and internally as well – such as inside the mouth or in the gastro-intestinal tract. Those with EB are living with permanent pain and undergo daily difficult wound treatment.  DEBRA Austria offers help, counseling and information to those whose quality of life is significantly limited by this rare disease. It portrays strong visuals as a call to reach out and help those in need.

Post-production studio Staudinger + Franke is contributing to this cause by creating a series of creative social advertisement photos to depict to the whole world how difficult the life of such children is. Namely, they’ve created simple yet effective posters that transform seemingly everyday kids’ stuff into dangerous and destructive objects. Staudinger + Franke is a highly esteemed Austrian ad agency, renowned for their creative and eccentric photo-manipulations. They have a worldwide client base: Vienna, Milan, Zürich, London, New York…

Robert Staudinger and Andreas Franke started their career in Vienna seventeen years ago, with a broad spectrum of activities which they used to do to keep afloat. The studio quickly profiled itself into one of the most successful advertising offices, and they were among the “200 best ad photos” by the Lürzers Archive. Even though they split in early 2007, and Andreas Franke is head of the office their slogan remains the same: never get stuck in a rut and try to do something new every day.

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To read more and donate to the cause visit DEBRA