Who Are the Best Young Balkan Designers?

The cultural organization Mikser published the winners of the regional competition Young Balkan Designers. A professional panel of judges, headed by renowned designer Konstantin Grčić, selected 11 award-winning works among some 400 submitted works by young architects and designers from 5 regional countries. The works were created by fourteen designers from Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The winners and their works are set to present the creative potential from this particular region at the most important furniture design fair held in Milan in mid-April, and also in late May at the Belgrade Mikser.
The young Croatian designers whose projects made the cut within the 11 selected are Ivana Borovnjak and Roberta Bratović for their table design, Maja Mesić for her carpet, and Maša Milovac, Mia Bogovac and Dora Đurkesac for their trolley table. We heartily congratulate the girls and hope to have the chance to present their work in more detail on pogledaj.to

*Ivana Borovnjak and Roberta Bratović

*Maša Milovac, Mia Bogovac and Dora Đurkesac

*Maja Mesić

The remaining selected designers and their award-winning works are as follows:

Dimitrios Stamatakis (Grčka) – floor lamp, Dragana Petkov (Srbija) – chair, Jelena Pančevac (Srbija) – table, Miljana Nikolić (Srbija) – swing, Neira Sinanbašić (BiH) – clothes hanger, Petar Zaharinov (Bugarska) – shelf system, Ranka Radović (BiH) – bookmark for a bookshelf, Vukašin Vukobratović (Srbija) – hanger.

*Vukašin Vukobratović                                                          *Neira Sinanbašić

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