Young Designers – the Best Domestic Export Product?

If the media wrote about the relevant and valuable accomplishments of young Croatian designers with the same intensity it writes about athletes, politicians, and ‘celebrities’ of the reality shows; the young and super-talented creative minds that we would like to present to you today, would not be facing the problems they are facing.

The winners of the Red Dot Awards, highly prestigious and important acknowledges in design have been published in these last few days. Among the winners are also two teams of designers from Croatia. The teams are comprised of students and newly graduated students from School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture.

It is a ‘three-girl team’ whose members are Katarina Perić, Marita Bonačić and Negra Nigoević; and a team comprised of three guys: Ruđer Novak-Mikulić, Ivan Orin Vrkaš and Marinko Murgić.

Katarina, Marita and Negra have won the Red Dot for their project for package design and visual identity design for the Sv. Ivan extra virgin olive oil; and Ruđer, Ivan and Marinko have won their Red Dot for the project they had made for the D&AD Student Competition, following the guidelines given by Arjowiggins – Creative Paper – Blank Sheet Project.

The award ceremony is to be held in Berlin on 7th October, but whether or not these young artists will be there, is not certain yet, seeing as the entry fees and the trip expenses are way too high for young designers and students. The young designers are thrilled with the success, but at the same time, they are somewhat resigned to the fact that their participation is in doubt due to their financial situation. They are hoping they will be given the chance to promote their success and talent through media coverage, which they certainly deserve after such a success, and that this way they will be able to raise enough money for a trip to Berlin to receive their “red dots”.

Seeing as ladies should go first, we would like to present to you now the project by Katarina, Negra and Marita, and then, we will present to you the project by Ruđer, Ivan and Marinko.

Sv. Ivan olive oil, client: Vodice Ltd. / authors: Marita Bonačić (MA) industrial design, Negra Nigoević (MA) visual communications, and Katarina Perić (BA) industrial design

For limited editions of a top quality olive oil that has only just been put on the market, and that is available in a bottle customers are already familiar with, we have come up with the packaging that shows the quality of the product through design. Positioning of a label that offers a new look of that “known” bottle results in an uncharacteristic shape of the packaging. The shape of the packaging is conditioned by barriers located on the top and at the bottom of the packaging, which then results in elevation that enhances the functionality of product handling and transport. The making of the packaging itself is simple and fast, and it is easily applicable to the product which consequently speeds up the production process. The design of the box happened as the result of the positioning of the label onto the bottle. The label itself is illustrative enough, and so the box does not require any additions and it gives all the necessary information about both the product and the manufacturer. Here, the packaging is not considered in the classic sense of the word, but rather as a sculptural element whose minimalism and innovative design have both aesthetic and distinguishing role in communication with the customer.

For this project the girls have already previously received Noćnjak 2011. and Cropak 2011. awards.