Trapped in a Gigantic Pinball Machine

Although at first you might think it’s the set from Russel’s Tommy musical, it’s actually the booth of Modular Lighting Instruments, one of the most famous lighting companies in the world. The stars of the story are light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which were presented at this year’s Belgium Design Fair in the booth shaped as an oversized pinball machine.

Ironically, though, pinball machines with their flashing lights aren’t quite synonymous with energy efficiency. However, Modular decided to challenge this contradiction and managed to make an extra large machine completely equipped with LED lights that manage to save 70% more energy than traditional light sources. The booth itself, the “playground”, was divided according to the following themes: “Orientation”, “Accent”, “General”, and “Dynamic”, just like their catalogue. In this way clients and customers can get informed about the advantages of their products, but can also enjoy the fun and colorful surroundings.

Modular Lighting Instruments combines new technology and innovative design to create seemingly shapeless products which are in line with trends in architecture and fashion. It was at the fair that they presented for the first time their eco-friendly Spock and O’Leaf lamps designed by the Dutch duo of Couvreur & Devos. We don’t doubt that a workspace with such lightning would stimulate work efficiency!

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Fotografije: Modular Lighting Instruments