What Is Echoism?

The Australian artist Julian Wolkenstein is the author of an unusual project called Echoism that questions the symmetry of the human face. Namely, Wolkenstein was intrigued by the renowned myth, some say a scientifically proven fact, that people who have symmetrical faces are more attractive.

For example, a few years back, actor Tom Cruise and supermodel Christy Turlington were declared most attractive famous persons in the world precisely due to the fact that they allegedly have completely symmetrical faces. Inspired by this unproven fact, Wolkenstein started researching the symmetry of human faces portraying people specifically cast for their individual facial features. The project was completed last year, i.e. a series of photos entitled Symmeytrical Portraits, documenting a series of portraits of people varying in age, race and status.

The author took pictures of his subjects facing front to the camera in identical positions and asked them to try and make their respective faces devoid of any emotion or character. After taking the shots, he split the photos “in half” and horizontally flips one half, thus reflecting each half to get a completely new face. These halves are in effect recombined to create two symmetrical, but different new identities.

Scroll down to see what the same person looks like when half of their face is reflected in two different photographs. You can upload your picture to Wolkenstein’s website echoism.org and/or just view the many different ways people from all over the world are (a)symmetrical. You can also check out the Echoism app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. It’s a free app and very easy to use!

So what’s your prettier side? The left or the right?

photos via julianwolkenstein.com