Taking the Message out of the Bottle: A Nautical Smile from Croatia

A Mail ‘n’ Sail postcard is at first glance a regular postcard, similar to tens of thousands much the same postcards which circulate worldwide on a daily basis. That which makes it exceptional is the fact that with a little intervention by its end user, it transforms into a three-dimensional sailboat, where your greetings are forever inscribed on its sails. It thus transforms from a regular piece of paper into a precious gift you can send by mail free of any transportation complications.

The idea itself is based on the desire for revitalizing the old-school custom of writing postcards, a need to hold a concrete object in hand, an experience that beats any e-mail in the world hands-down.

From various motif postcards, wherein lies a perforated ship shape, a three-dimensional sailboat emerges after piecing together the four pierced parts. The collection consists of two visual concepts: Nautical signal flags and the aMORE collection (illustrated sea motifs, “MORE” meaning “the sea” in Croatian).

The postcards come with air mail iconography branded envelopes, the designers thus symbolically closing the circle of communication worldwide.

And last but not least, the designers of these multifunctional postcards are Katarina Eljuga and Iva Rodić. The intriguing postcards seem like an ideal yet inexpensive souvenir that every tourist can afford to buy and send a little bit of Croatia’s story and charm via regular mail, a simple yet effective way of staying in touch with loved ones back home. Kudos to the inventive ladies for such an innovative and original idea! Click here for more on the project and information where to buy mail’n’sail postcards.