How to Make People to Put Their Head in the Fridge?

Everything That Can Happen in a Day is the name of the new book by David Horvitz, a young American artist who is said to be a master of transforming run-of-the-mill everyday instances into unexpected scenarios that propel people toward action. Horvitz published new suggestions and initiatives on a daily basis throughout 2009 on his blog, inviting readers to follow and copy him in “throwing“ a little art and creativity into their mundane everyday existence.

Not only did readers’ reactions result in great feedback, but people went a step further and photo-documented their moves inspired by David’s blog. The book Everything That Can Happen in a Day contains some of the author’s favorite ideas illustrated by some really incredible pictures of his “followers“. Horvitz’s lucid and fun-filled ideas are written out and accompanied by several pictures of people who actually realized some of those suggestions.

One of the most bizarre and funniest actions is the author’s proposal to put your head in the fridge or freezer, snap a photo and proceed to post it online tagging it with the unusual number 241543903. If you enter that same number into Google or any other search engine you’ll have an insight into a world of myriad David Horvitz fans.
Click on Horvitz’s site for more on the young artist and his work.

Fotografije via Booooooom