Nudity vs. Nature

Toby Burrows is an Australian photographer, who received numerous awards and acknowledgements for his work, but can also be proud of his collaboration with photography stars in the range of David Bailey or the deceased Richard Avedon. In his opus, almost always imbued by minimalism and simplicity, he is not strictly focused on one photographic expression, rather shooting portraits, landscapes, commercial photography, interesting symmetrical samples, documentary photographs and other motifs. His last presented series of photographs titled Fallen, as he himself emphasizes, analyses tragedy and glory through various forms, exploring ethereal shapes floating in a timeless landscape. In regard to this series of works, inspiration stemmed from Pre-Raphaelite female portraits. An individual on Burrows’ photographs is a talented and graceful dancer who conveys expressions through movement and form through elegant jumps, all caught on camera. The photographs were taken on the Southern Highlands, a region of fantastic landscapes in New South Wales in Australia. The author had resided there for some time, exploring and observing the landscape, and came to the conclusion that this fairy-talesque landscape possessed surreal qualities within itself and it became extremely important for him to shoot photographs precisely at this location. His works caused quite a sensation among the public, and several works from this series were bought by famous pop stars such as Kanye West or Justin Timberlake.

We featured a somewhat similar theme, photographs of the naked human body in an idyllic nature setting, in a series of works of the young French photographer Ruben Brulat and his series Primates, previously featured here.